Update on Michelle

A few months ago I asked for prayer for a young lady named Michelle.  They had discovered a cist in her lower jaw.  Michelle has since travelled to Lima for treatment.  They did some analysis in Lima took a biopsy of the growth and placed a drainage tube into the area to help reduce the size of the cist along with some braces to support her teeth as the cist moves away.  Unfortunately, the laboratory in Lima mishandled the biopsy sample and the doctors could not take a second sample because of the work they had already done.  We do not know exactly what the growth is, but the doctors have decided to wait until October to see how much the cist will shrink with the drainage tube in place, and then they will address with they need to remove it or not, and how to save her teeth.  Thank you for continuing to pray for Michelle.

Also please add Michelle’s mom, Rosa.  She fell a few weeks ago and broke her leg in several places.  She will be having surgery today to stabilize the fracture.  Please pray for her quick and full healing and that God will help this family through the financial and emotional burden of another medical issue.

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