Update on New Ministries

I wanted to give you an update on the two new ministry opportunities that I have for this summer.

First of all, on Saturday, I went to the deaf association of Tacna’s meeting.  I was able to meet many deaf adults at the meeting, and I will continue to visit their meetings for the next few months.  I pray that as I get to know the members of the deaf community, I will be able to invite them to the church, and win many people to the Lord.  Pray that this could be one of the first steps to starting a great deaf ministry here in Tacna.

Today I was able to meet with Maria the Director of the State orphanage (Aldea) here in Tacna.  We have scheduled for me to teach English classes two days a week to the 3rd-6th grade students.  I also pray that these classes will be the first step to building a great ministry here in Tacna working with the orphans and abandoned children here.

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