Selling My Car

As many of you know, I have been praying about selling my car for awhile now.  I bought the car in 2012 when I first came to Tacna.  It is a 2001 Mazda Premacy.  It is getting to the point with its age that things are falling apart.  Now that we have two vans for our bus routes (Thank you again for those who sent special offerings for this project), I don’t need such a big car.  So I believe that it is time to sell this car and buy a small car for my personal transportation.

Peru is a country where negotiating prices is an art form.  You have to negotiate for the price of everything from apples to houses.  Well I have been getting used to the way prices for cars are negotiated here.  I have learned that there is no standard value for used cars (no Kelly Blue Book).  You just have to decide what you really believe it is worth and then figure out how to negotiate that price.  Every price I have offered the car for people come and ask to buy it for around $1,500 less than the asking price.  Now that I understand what the car is really worth, I am getting ready to offer it again in the newspaper for $1,500 more than I actually want.  Please pray that it will be sold quickly, and that I will have wisdom about buying a new smaller car.

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