New Years 2017-2018

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We had a good time here in Peru.

Here Christmas is celebrated more on Christmas Eve than on Christmas day.  Traditionally families join together and plan to eat their big turkey dinner at midnight Christmas Eve. At midnight the Peruvian tradition is to also set off fireworks.  We had a special Christmas service in the morning and then spent time with family in the evening.  I spent the Christmas Eve celebrations with the family of our national pastor, Pastor Henry Sucapuca.  We had a nice time of fellowship and enjoyed watching the fireworks in the neighborhood at midnight.

On New Years Eve Peruvians also light fireworks but the display for Christmas is much bigger.  We celebrated New Years in the church with a special service and fellowship time.  We planned to eat dinner together at 9:30 and then watch a Christian film until midnight.  We wanted to watch the fireworks and then come back inside the church and finish the evening with a prayer time.  As we were finishing dinner at about 10:30, the electricity went out.  We waited for a while and then decided to finish our meeting with prayer and go home.  We were disappointed to have to change our plans, but I believe God did it on purpose to protect me.  After the service I took several families home with the church van.  As we got close to their houses we had to navigate through some crazy street celebrations.  Many people had been drinking and twice people ran out in front of the van.  I was able to avoid hitting anyone, but I can only imagine how much worse it would have been after midnight when they had really celebrated.  So even in disappointment I can see that God’s way was better for me.

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