I had a great blessing last week.  As I was attending the Deaf association of Tacna’s business meeting, I saw a deaf girl who was visiting for the first time.  She looked very familiar to me, and as she introduced herself to the group I realized that she is the first deaf person I met when I moved to Tacna.  Five years ago Maciel was a Fourth grader in a school where I taught Bible classes for one year.  After that year I lost track of Maciel, but I have always prayed for the chance to minister to her again.  God gave me that chance and I am so thankful.  I was able to speak with Maciel and her mother after the meeting and they both remembered me from the school.  Her mother seemed very open to Maciel’s interest in the deaf ministries at our church.  Please pray that God will continue to give me opportunities to minister to this family, and praise Him for bringing Maciel across my path again.

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