In person kid’s classes!

Praise the Lord! In August we were finally able to allow children to come in person to the church services. We have started one junior church class during the Sunday morning services, and children are coming and participating in the other services. We are open again for the Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening services. The government has also allowed us to now have 50% of the capacity of the auditorium (up from 30%). Please pray for Peru as we slowly work our way out of the restrictions from the Covid pandemic, and that we continue to progress in the country so that the government does not reinstate the restrictions we have dealt with for the last year and a half.

We are still broadcasting all of our services and our kid’s class online for those who can not attend in person. We have several families who are connecting to our online services from across the border in Arica, Chile. The border with Chile is basically closed still with very few exceptions. So please pray for the Peruvian families who have been working in Chile and the Chilean families who are connecting to our services to have more opportunity for spiritual growth. We also have some church members who can not attend in person because of health issues, but there are some who have gotten out of the habit of faithful church attendance during this shut down. Please pray for those who may be watching online, but have not been making the effort to come to our in person services, that they will be convicted of their need for regular fellowship in the house of God.

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