Health Prayer Request

Please pray for Michelle, a 21 year old young lady in our church. She has just found out that she has a “cist” in the front of her lower jaw. The first dentists and surgeons she has consulted with have said that the cist has been growing for several years and has eroded the bone under at least four teeth. Please pray that this does end up being a harmless cist and not anything worse. Also pray for the ability for the doctors here to be able to reconstruct her jaw bone and teeth after they remove the cist. The cost of these operations is a great burden for her family also. Michelle has been a faithful member and worker in our church since I have been here. She is studying to be an architect, and is a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. Her younger sister is also coming faithfully to church and both of her parents have started to visit in the last few months. Please pray that this ordeal will help their family and not let them be driven away from the Lord. Michelle and her family are very scared about what is going to happen.

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