Group visiting from the United States

I just hosted a great group from New Heights Baptist Church in Grand Blanc Michigan.  The ladies stayed at my house and the young men stayed at our national pastor’s house.  The Stover family also had several of their family members visiting during that week.

It was a blessing to show the group around the city of Tacna.  We tried to give them a vision of the need here in Peru.  I also took the group down to Arica Chile for one day.  They were able to see Chile also.

The group was able to help with our teen ministries, bus visitation, Saturday kid’s clubs, and special music in our church services.  They also gave their testimonies in our Sunday school classes.  It is always my goal that visitors leave Peru forever changed by their experience.  I pray that this group also gained a new perspective of the spiritual need on the mission field and the need for more laborers for the harvest in missions.


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