Future Ministry Opportunities

Please pray for two opportunities for new ministries.

I have been in touch with the director of the government run orphanage here in Tacna.  I have asked to be considered as a volunteer in their program.  I would like to go one to two times a week to tutor the children, to teach English classes, or to play with the younger children.  I am contacting her again this week as she would like to plan English classes for the summer months.  Pray that this will be an opening for me to minister more in the future.  As I work with the children I pray that I can be a godly example, and also minister to their spiritual needs.

A second ministry opportunity that has presented itself recently, has been a long time desire of mine.  As many of you know I have worked in deaf ministries in the United States.  I have prayed about finding an inroads into the deaf community here in Tacna, but I had not found any open doors until recently.  I have been invited to go to a deaf club meeting for Christmas.  I have just learned of this club and I hope to minister to them and their needs as I get to know the deaf here.  There is also a young lady who has recently come back to our church.  She has been taking classes online to learn sign language, and is very excited about trying to start a deaf ministry with me.

Please pray for these ministries and that God will bless me as I try to serve Him in every way I can.


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