Deaf ministry update

God has been opening some doors for me to start a deaf ministry here in Tacna.  I have been visiting the last few weeks with a deaf social club that I found here in the city.  I have been able to make contact with many new people, and I am praying that God will help me to reach them with the gospel through these initial contacts.

God also sent a young lady, Betsy, back to the church.  She has been taking sign language classes online from a teacher in one of the Independent Baptist churches in Arequipa.  So not only do I have new deaf contacts, I also have a ministry partner.

We contacted Betsy’s teacher and asked him to come here and do a 4 day conference for the deaf and those who want to learn to work with deaf people.  He is coming from January 30th to February 2nd.  I am praying that many deaf people will come to the church for this conference and that I can start a deaf ministry in the next few weeks.

I am very excited about these new opportunities in the ministry.  Please pray for our conference and for the blessing of a new deaf ministry here in Tacna.

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