Christian School

I wanted to give a short update about our plans to start a Christian school here in Tacna, Peru.  We desire to start a school focused on Biblical standards and a Biblical world view.  We know that we will have to start with a kindergarten program for ages 3,4, and 5.  In order to start this first phase we will need to find a location that has at least 400 square meters (about 4,400 square feet) of land.   This does not seem like much but since the average building lot in Tacna is about 160 square meters (1,700 square feet), it is difficult to find a place to rent that would fulfill these requirements.

As we searched for a place that we could rent we had to reevaluate the planned budget for start up.  You are required to have the location ready for inspection and approval no later than the end of October, but you can not start classes until March when the next school years starts.  We found that the locations that were large enough for our project were charging at least $1,000 dollars a month in rent.

We will need to have 6-7 months of rent set aside before we can start.  We will also need the funds to buy desks, chairs, book cases, and other furniture.  In order to save more money we are waiting one more year to start the school.

Please continue to pray for this ministry, and that the Lord will lead us and bless us as we work to start a Christian school here in Tacna.

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