Pray for Ruth

In my latest prayer letter I asked prayer for one of the teenagers from my bus route names Rut (Ruth).  She had been in the hospital with possible appendicitis, but the doctors were having a hard time diagnosing the problem.   She has now been home for about a week and a half, but had to be immitted again for emergency treatment this morning.  Please take a minute and pray for Ruth and her family.


One of my ministries is discipling teen girls so that they can become grounded in their faith.  One of the girls I am working with now is Diana.  She has finished about half of the lessons in our discipleship program and has been growing spiritually.  I was able to lead Diana to the Lord in one of our early classes.  Please pray for her as she is now in junior high school and will be facing a lot of peer pressure in the next few years of her life.

Vacation Bible School

Last week we held Vacation Bible School in three different locations.  I was in charge of the Vinani location with Lucia.  We had a team of volunteers helping with registration, snacks, games and crafts.  I was able to lead the program and teach some of the Bible lessons.

Each day we gave a clear presentation of the Gospel through the stories of Noah, Jonah, and Jesus calming the sea.  Our theme was “Buscando a Jesus” Finding Jesus.  All of our games, songs, decorations and crafts where planed with an under the sea theme.

We were able to see several children respond in our invitations and we gave tracts to all the parents who were there.  I had three new riders on my bus route on Sunday from the Vacation Bible School also.  Please pray as we continue to reach out to this area of the city.

God also blessed the other two team in their Vacation Bible Schools.  I am excited to see what God will do through this week of ministry.



Teen Camp 2018

February 13th through the 17th we had teen camp just outside of the city of Tacna in Boca del Rio.  I was able to work as a counselor for the week.  We had a great week of teen camp.  Along with the four churches here in Tacna a church from Puno came and three teens came from Arequipa.


We invited Pastor Juan Pacheco to come and preach for the week.  Pastor Pacheco is the pastor of La Iglesia Bautista El Faro in Arequipa (where I worked for 3 1/2 years).  He was used by God to preach His word and many teens made decisions surrendering to God and His plan for their lives, putting aside bitterness and rebellion, and accepting the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior.

I was able to lead a young girl to the Lord, and I was able to help two girls with some spiritual counseling that they needed during the week.

Please pray for our teens as they continue to grow spiritually and apply their decisions from camp.

Teen Lock In

On Friday night we had a teen lock in at the church.  We had 18 teens come to the activity.  Pastor Henry gave an evangelistic presentation to start the evening, and I was able to lead two of the girls from my bus route to the Lord.  Please pray for Sophia and Tania as they start their new life in Christ.  We had a great time, but had very little sleep.  Please pray for the rest of our summer activities to receive the blessings of the Lord.

Teen Ministries Update

God is blessing our teen ministries.  The Teen Sunday school class has grown to 20 to 25 students every Sunday.  Many of these teens come on my bus route.  They are excited and involved.  The teens invite their friends, and are determined to not miss Sunday services.  We also hold Saturday teen fellowships.  This gives the teens a time for spiritual diversion and another chance to hear God’s word each week.  Please pray for this ministry that God’s hand would remain with the teens.  Pray that the teens  will not be distracted by the world’s desires and distractions.  Also pray for the teens to continue in their spiritual growth and to be grounded in their faith during these key years.