New member of my “family”

I recently adopted a second dog from a family in the church who could not care for her. She is a Yorkshire terrier. Her name is Princesa. I wanted to share her pictures with you. It is fun to share some silly personal news sometimes also. Nena is happy with her little sister, but she does get jealous sometimes.

Group visiting from the United States

I just hosted a great group from New Heights Baptist Church in Grand Blanc Michigan.  The ladies stayed at my house and the young men stayed at our national pastor’s house.  The Stover family also had several of their family members visiting during that week.

It was a blessing to show the group around the city of Tacna.  We tried to give them a vision of the need here in Peru.  I also took the group down to Arica Chile for one day.  They were able to see Chile also.

The group was able to help with our teen ministries, bus visitation, Saturday kid’s clubs, and special music in our church services.  They also gave their testimonies in our Sunday school classes.  It is always my goal that visitors leave Peru forever changed by their experience.  I pray that this group also gained a new perspective of the spiritual need on the mission field and the need for more laborers for the harvest in missions.


A poem to encourage you

I choose to trust

I do not know why I must suffer pain today.
I can not see how you will take it all away.
But I choose to trust in you, Lord, I choose to trust.

I do not understand where you are leading me,
Or if the things that I desire will ever be.
But I choose to trust in you, Lord, I choose to trust.

I pray for all that I desire and dream to do.
I know that your plan is perfect for me ‘tis true,
So I choose to trust in you, Lord, I choose to trust.

I forget to wait in patience for you to lead.
I try to plan my own way to have what I need.
But I choose to trust in you, Lord, I choose to trust.

I will not think of what I could do if only…
I seek your strength and wisdom to serve you wholly.
For I choose to trust in you, Lord, I choose to trust.

I do not have enough to serve you on my own.
I ask you for the strength beyond what I have known.
For I choose to trust in you, Lord, I choose to trust.

This world around me if full of evil and fear,
But you are by my side you will always be near.
So I choose to trust in you, Lord, I choose to trust.

In Heaven one day, I will see your loving face,
And I will praise your name for ever in that place.
For I choose to trust in you, Lord, I choose to trust.

Update on Michelle

A few months ago I asked for prayer for a young lady named Michelle.  They had discovered a cist in her lower jaw.  Michelle has since travelled to Lima for treatment.  They did some analysis in Lima took a biopsy of the growth and placed a drainage tube into the area to help reduce the size of the cist along with some braces to support her teeth as the cist moves away.  Unfortunately, the laboratory in Lima mishandled the biopsy sample and the doctors could not take a second sample because of the work they had already done.  We do not know exactly what the growth is, but the doctors have decided to wait until October to see how much the cist will shrink with the drainage tube in place, and then they will address with they need to remove it or not, and how to save her teeth.  Thank you for continuing to pray for Michelle.

Also please add Michelle’s mom, Rosa.  She fell a few weeks ago and broke her leg in several places.  She will be having surgery today to stabilize the fracture.  Please pray for her quick and full healing and that God will help this family through the financial and emotional burden of another medical issue.

Celebrating American Independance Day

It is often strange to celebrate American holidays when you are out of the country.  It is a blessing to have an American family here to work with.  We are planning to grill some hamburgers and celebrate the day together.  Pray for your missionaries as they can feel lonely on these special days when family and friends in the States are getting together without them.

Health Prayer Request

Please pray for Michelle, a 21 year old young lady in our church. She has just found out that she has a “cist” in the front of her lower jaw. The first dentists and surgeons she has consulted with have said that the cist has been growing for several years and has eroded the bone under at least four teeth. Please pray that this does end up being a harmless cist and not anything worse. Also pray for the ability for the doctors here to be able to reconstruct her jaw bone and teeth after they remove the cist. The cost of these operations is a great burden for her family also. Michelle has been a faithful member and worker in our church since I have been here. She is studying to be an architect, and is a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. Her younger sister is also coming faithfully to church and both of her parents have started to visit in the last few months. Please pray that this ordeal will help their family and not let them be driven away from the Lord. Michelle and her family are very scared about what is going to happen.

Rare Tacna Rainbow

We were decorating the church for our anniversary conference and saw this huge rainbow.  Because it hardly ever rains here rainbows are extremely rare.  The pictures don’t do it justice, but I wanted to share them.

Selling My Car

As many of you know, I have been praying about selling my car for awhile now.  I bought the car in 2012 when I first came to Tacna.  It is a 2001 Mazda Premacy.  It is getting to the point with its age that things are falling apart.  Now that we have two vans for our bus routes (Thank you again for those who sent special offerings for this project), I don’t need such a big car.  So I believe that it is time to sell this car and buy a small car for my personal transportation.

Peru is a country where negotiating prices is an art form.  You have to negotiate for the price of everything from apples to houses.  Well I have been getting used to the way prices for cars are negotiated here.  I have learned that there is no standard value for used cars (no Kelly Blue Book).  You just have to decide what you really believe it is worth and then figure out how to negotiate that price.  Every price I have offered the car for people come and ask to buy it for around $1,500 less than the asking price.  Now that I understand what the car is really worth, I am getting ready to offer it again in the newspaper for $1,500 more than I actually want.  Please pray that it will be sold quickly, and that I will have wisdom about buying a new smaller car.

Meet Nena

Nena is my dog.  I promised some picture of her…  I often call her my baby, but in truth she is great company for me.  If I am sitting she is either on my lap or right next to me, and she follows me around the house.  She is also very friendly and keeps the kids busy whenever they visit.

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