April 28th, 2021

Hello again,

I was able to travel to Ohio for three different meetings in the last two weeks. I was at Liberty Baptist Church in Elyria Ohio, Victory Baptist Temple in Brimfield Ohio, and Cleveland Baptist Church in Cleveland Ohio. These churches were a blessing to me and I hope that I was able to be a blessing to them.

I am amazed when I was looked over my schedule and realized that I have just over one month left on this furlough. I am excited to get back to Tacna, Peru. The numbers of covid cases have gone down in Tacna so they are able to finally go back to some limited in person services. This is a great blessing since we have had just a few weeks of in person services in this last year. We will continue to live stream services and prepare classes for the children online. Please continue to pray that we can open up more and more.

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