Aniversary of La Iglesia Bautista Calvario

This week we celebrated the church’s anniversary.  We had special services on Friday and Saturday, and a Grand banquet and services on Sunday.  The Stover family arranged for Fred Kindhart, the Central and South American field director for Macedonia World Baptist Missions, to come and preach for our conference. On Saturday there was an earthquake during the middle of the message, but God still worked after the distraction was over.  A teen age girl who I have been witnessing to and praying for received Christ as her Savior.  Pray for Romina as she begins her Christian life.  On Sunday, I had a huge number of people come on my bus route.  Lucia, my visitation and bus route partner,  and I just  kept picking up more and more kids and two moms.  One other mom came with her two children on her own, and Lucia ended up having to take five people in a taxi because there was just no more room in the van.  On the way home I took everyone home in two turns like in the “old days” with my little car.  We picked up 37, and took 40 home!  Praise the Lord for such a blessing.


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