I am Bethany Homan, Missionary in Peru since 2009.  This website is a tool that I hope will be a blessing to those who want to learn about my ministries and to pray for us here in Peru.

I will be adding ministry updates regularly so please come back from time to time to see the changes to my website.

I will post my prayer letters to this site so that you can read them, down load them, or print them for your church.

I have also added a personal page that I expect to fill with posts about my Nieces and Nephews, my home life, and my dog, Nena.  I hope you enjoy getting to know me better through these posts.

Mostly, I pray that this website will highlight the ministries of Calvary Baptist Church in Tacna, Peru, and my personal ministries as a missionary.  I hope that it will help you to stay more easily informed of the needs and blessings here in Peru.  Please pray for us as you explore the articles.

If you want to receive a weekly update of my newest posts and prayer letters, please fill out the email subscription form on the right hand side of the page.  This will allow me to send you a weekly email with any new posts from that week.